Since the antiquity people have been farming snails. Nowadays new and improved methodologies have been applied and snail farming has become an interesting and profitable activity. Feréikos collaborates with a big farming network worldwide and provides technical assistance and know how to both potential and existing farmers. Our experience in combination with continuous research and collaborations with prestigious entities, enable us to improve continuously the breeding methodology as well as our consulting services to the farmers.



Seeds are an indispensable part of our lives and for the snails’ lives as well. In order for them to eat, grow, protect themselves, become strong and ready to be commercialized, they need these certified seeds according to the microclimate they live in.

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If your snails tend to escape, if the weather conditions are critical and you want to protect them or if you simply want to package the end product before you sell it, then scroll down and find the right net for you.

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For a good harvest you need to start with the right snails. The reproducers will bring you many baby snails and will help you to increase your tonnage. You can choose among Helix Aspersa Müller or Maxima according to your farm’s methodology.

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