After a lot of research and countless hours of studying and projecting, finally our first farm was established in 2007 in a small land that our beloved grandfather Dimitris owed. When me and Maria initially told him about our snail project he was very sceptical. A traditional farmer, at the age of 85, why should he demolish the orange trees that have been there since so many years and turn this land into something completely new? Well, he was already convinced that the EU subsidies were over, that oranges unfortunately were not profitable anymore, but what about us? Two young women wanting to become farmers? "You studied for nothing then" he kept on saying. But we were determined to continue and even if convincing grandpa Dimitris was relatively easy, well everything else was not as in every new endeavour, especially in the primary sector. Still, our studies contributed not only to overpass many obstacles, but they also helped us to collaborate and expand our activity and services to various markets abroad. We embraced a small community of more than 210 families initially in Greece, then in Europe and the rest of the world that are dealing with snail farming and our family is still growing. And since we both believe in life long learning, we continue to study and to create in order to improve ourselves, our company and our services.


The roadmap to snail farming.
Snail processing and packaging services.
Educational activities (webinars, workshops, internships).
Water, soil, microbiological and parasitological analysis.
Investments projects evaluation (business plan, financial feasibility, sustainability).
Customised working programs according to the region, microclimate and individual needs.
Expertise and monitoring with regular audits.
Private annual insurance.