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Snail Breeding Greece | Fereikos

Snail Breeding


Since 2007, Fereikos collaborates with snail farms in Greece and during 2013 expanded in Germany, Spain and Cyprus. In 2015 Fereikos has established 203 outdoor snail farms in full biological cycle. Our experience in combination with continuous research and collaborations with prestigious entities, enables us to improve continuously the breeding methodology and our consulting services to the farmers.


Farms and counting



The best known and most often cultivated species are Helix Aspersa and Helix Pomatia.


The last few years, interest in snail farming has increased significantly. Snail farming is a delicate process requiring careful research and management. The potential farmer must have a fallow field and secure water supply. It is essential to conduct a soil and water analysis in order to validate that both are suitable for snail farming. According to the European legislation, the farms must be licensed and registered by the health regulatory agencies. Fereikos, provides seminars by appointment and offers voluntary internships at existing snail farms. Fereikos also helps potential farmers build business plans for snail farming.



Provides expertise and monitoring services of every snail farm with regular audits by our specialized team.

Know How

Consulting to open and closed type snail farms.


Evaluates investment projects in snail farming and assures the sustainability of the farms.


We can carry out water and soil chemical analysis and also microbiological or parasitological examination of snails and water.


We offer educational activities (workshops, seminars, internships - volunteering).


We design and develop working programs according to the region, the specific microclimate of the region and the individual needs of each snail farmer.


We provide contractual purchase of the crop (a contractual guarantee for the purchase of the final product).

Annual Insurance

Private annual insurance for opened and closed snail farms.


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