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Snail Products Greece


The Company

Fereikos is based in Αncient Corinth, Greece and oversees the global development of organic snail farming and snail products. The company’s name is derived from two ancient Greek words – “fero” – to carry, and “oikos” – house, which when combined, translates literally as “I carry my own house”, an apt description of the snail. Fereikos is focused on two principles: people and quality. During the years we invest in R&D in order to develop new methods and know how in the farming sector and innovative products. Not only did we revolutionize the snail farming, but while doing this we have developed a new business model for the primary sector. We believe in synergies with people and companies that share the same values such as: – Continuous improvement – Innovation – Environmental responsibility – Respect of tradition – Promote culinary excellence – Promote a healthy Mediterranean diet and nutrition Our mission is to deliver certified products of different snail species all year around while maintaining highest quality standards. Fereikos has been honored with several awards for the services and products.

Our Story

Who would have thought that those cute creatures that were entertaining us when we were little kids would be now such an important part of our lives, both personally and professionally? My name is Maria and together with my sister Penny we founded Fereikos in 2007. Since 2007 we were gaining knowledge and experience in different areas in several countries of this small world. We both studied our first passion, many foreign languages and then due to our will to come back to Greece and create something on our own we decided to deal with something we were so familiar with since our childhood but at the same time so unknown according to our educational background till then. The idea came a winter night in a fancy restaurant in beautiful Switzerland. Seemed that many people were enjoying their Escargots à la Bourguignonne and I decided to try them as well. In the same time, Penny called me and as soon as I told her I was eating snails she was amazed and when I told her the price I paid for just 12 pieces, she was shocked and joked about collecting snails in her backyard and export them. This joke became serious since she decided to enroll in an agribusiness and agritourism course and I continued to study marketing and sales. After a lot of study, a long market research we started with our first farm carrying our home, our Fereikos.

European Young Leaders Awards
TUV Austria Hellas
Award Young Entrepreneur Greece
European Bussiness Awards


Maria Vlachou


Penny Vlachou


Maria Xenopoulou


George Petropoulos


Donatos Gionis


Voula Karabi


Social Responsibility


Fereikos offers free seminars upon appointment at its premises to potential snail breeders. These seminars include presentations, videos about the snail farming procedure and a guided tour to our model snail farm.


Fereikos offers a series of educational programs for primary and secondary school children in order to familiarize them with the world of snails. The acquaintance of students with such activity sparks their imagination and provides an incentive for the formation of their environmental consciousness.


Our sensitivity towards children and the deep sense of responsibility that characterizes us has led us to adopt operations that significantly contribute to a better quality of life. Within this social philosophy, we support the Association” The Smile of the Child”, by placing a special pot for the association in our seminars room.

Contact us

Contact Info

Email: Tel: +30 27410 80165 – 6 Fax: +30 27410 80164

Snails can not speak but Fereikos team speaks several languages :

  • Ελληνικά
  • English
  • Español
  • Italiano
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Português
  • Türkçe
  • Shqiptar
  • Pусский
  • българск



Glyfada Ancient Corinth, 20011 Greece


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